A life settlement is the purchase of an existing life insurance policy for less than the face value but for more than the cash surrender value of the policy. Life settlements offer policyholder’s to sell their policies for a lump sum, while the buyers keep up with the remaining premiums. This means that the investor is not putting his money into a personal life insurance, but investing instead in existing life insurances with high profitability.

Life settlement investing begins when a senior, usually over 65 with an insurance policy, decides to sell a part or the totality of his or hers existing insurance contract on the secondary market for more money than what he or she would’ve received from the company if the policy had been surrendered, but of course for less money than the amount stipulated in case of death. Third party investors can purchase a percentage of this investment and add it to their portfolio of investments as a low risk, high return investment.

We know that the monthly cost of a premium can become unnafordable. To cope with this, we offer a solution that provides policyholders with a way of maintaining a policy without the burden of the monthly premiums and the added benefit of a cash sum in exchange for the policy. Consequently, we are able to offer investors looking to consolidate low risk investments a lucrative opportunity to diversify.

Fractional life settlement

Before the the state of California introduced the Senate Bill 1837 in 2003, only institutional and corporate investors were privy to purchasing life settlements. But since the enactment of the bill, fractional life settlements have become available to average investors, meaning that this kind of investments are now fully available for investors like you.



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